What is a Swivlit?

  • A Swivlit is a multifunctional cooking and eating pod which can keep your food either hot or cold for several hours so you can enjoy it on the go.
  • You can cook in it, take it with you and eat from it wherever you are!
  • Made from borisilicate glass, polypropylene, PU foam and silicon, a swivlit is microwave, fridge, freezer and dishwasher proof!
  • It’s sustainable and reusable so will help to reduce your single-use plastic footprint.

How do I use a Swivlit?

Hot Food

  • For best results for hot food, remove the lid, heat your food, stirring occasionally, in the microwave until piping hot (we recommend at least 95°C), stir, then immediately replace the lid securely.
  • Your food should keep hot for 4-5 hours.
  • When you are ready to eat, simply release the pressure using the central button, remove the lid, stir and enjoy.
  • If you are not using the microwave to heat your food, for best results pre heat your Swivlit first using boiling water. Note that your food will stay hot for around 3-4 hours if not using a microwave.
Cold Food
  • For best results for cold food, prechill your Swivlit either in the fridge or by using cold water
  • Put your cold food in the Swivlit and enjoy up to 8 hours later straight from it!
  • You can also use your Swivlit for cooking food from raw – find out more in our Recipe section.


  • Ensure the lid does not go in the microwave.
  • Be careful whilst handling hot food.
  • Note that there are two parts to the lid and these are designed to click apart and back together. This is for ease of cleaning and we reccomend to handwash the outer part of the lid and dishwash the inner (white) part of the lid, if required.
  • The bottom section of the Swivlit does not come apart - this is part of the aesthetic deisgn.

What is a Swivlit made out of?

The inner liner is made out of high borosilicate glass. The outer shell is made out of Polyproylene plastic (BPA-free). There is an insulating layer in between the outer shell and the glass lining. The seals are made from food-grade silicon. All materials used in the Swivlit are food-grade and safe to eat from.

How long does a Swivlit keep food hot or cold?

A Swivlit can keep food hot or cold for up to 4-5 hours when heating using a microwave. Insulation time is likely to be 2-3 hours less if heating food on the hob and transferring to your Swivlit. Please read instructions in the above FAQ "How do I use a Swivlit?" for best results.

Is a Swivlit microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe?

Yes! Please note the lid of the Swivlit is not microwavable. Dishwasher instructions: The lid of your Swivlit has two parts and is designed to click apart and together. When cleaning your Swivlit, we recommend you take apart the lid and handwash the outer (coloured) part and avoid putting it in the dishwasher. The inner (white) part of the lid and the main base container of your Swivlit are dishwasher safe!

Is a Swivlit leak-proof?


What size is a Swivlit?

A Swivlit has a capacity of 500ml. The dimensions are 155mmx114mmx114mm.

Is a Swivlit BPA free?

Yes! Addiitonally, the lining of a Swivlit is made of glass, eliminating any chance of any chemicals from plastics contaminating your food.

Does a Swivlit come in different sizes?

Currently, we only have one size of Swivlit (500ml). We are in development for different sizes for you guys in the future. Please feel free to contact us at info@swivlit.com if you have any queries!

What is your Returns Policy?

If there is something wrong with your item please email us at info@swivlit.com. Our Returns Policy lasts for 14 days, during which we will refund any product which is unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. Please follow the Returns instructions with your original order. Please see our full Returns Policy for further information.

Can I really cook in a Swivlit?

Yes! The properties of a Swivlit means that you can put uncooked food (e.g. dry rice and raw/frozen vegetables), water/liquid (please consult the instructions on your food's packaging) and anything else into it, microwave for 3-5 minutes, stir it up, put the lid on and have a cooked meal within a couple of hours. Please do not use raw meat in a Swivlit. Meat should be cooked separately before being added to your delicious Swivlit meal. Please see our recipes section for some Swivlit meal inspiration!

Will new Swivlit colours be coming soon?

Yes! We are developing exciting new swivlit designs for all of you.

How do I clean my Swivlit?

Your Swivlit can be handwashed or put in the dishwasher! We recommend not to wash at a high temperature. We also recommend not to dishwash the outer (coloured) part of the lid. Dishwasher instructions: The lid of your Swivlit has two parts and is designed to click apart and together. When cleaning your Swivlit, we recommend you take apart the lid and handwash the outer (coloured) part and avoid putting it in the dishwasher. The inner (white) part of the lid and the main base container of your Swivlit are dishwasher safe!

How do I maximise the time my Swivlit keeps food hot?

For best results use the microwave. Ensure that the food is cooked until it is piping hot (too hot to eat, over 95 degrees C), stirring throughout cooking time, and that the lid is put on straight away after cooking. Also ensure the lid is closed as tight as possible. To entend insulation time further, we like to keep our Swivlit nice and snuggly in a bag or warm place! Note that food will not stay hot as long if you do not use a microwave to heat it.

Top tips for using your Swivlit

1, Heat your food in the Swivlit in the microwave (WITHOUT THE LID) for best results (the time the food will keep hot will be less than 4-5 hours if not using a microwave). 2. Ensure that the food is microwaved until it is piping hot (i.e. too hot to eat and over 95 degrees C). 3. Stir the contents throughout cooking time at least every 30 seconds (note that you should stir very frequently when it is starting to get very hot). 4. We recommend microwaving for longer at a lower power to cook the food more evenly and to minimise any splattering. 5. Put the lid on straight away after microwaving the food. 6. Ensure the lid is secured on the Swivlit as tight as possible. 7. When you're ready to eat the food, remove the lid and give the contents all a good stir to make sure that the heat is distributed evenly.

What is the button on my Swivlit lid for?

This button is to release any pressure/vaccum from inside the Swivlit so it is easier to open. When you put hot or cold food inside and leave it for a few hours, when the temperature changes the pressure will also change which makes the lid tight to open. When you press the button this will be released and the lid will be removed more easily. Note that the button does not stay down and it will pop back up when you take your finger off. Also note the two parts of the lid are designed to come apart for ease of cleaning so it is normal if they seperate!